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Makishima Yuusuke by scarletwilight Makishima Yuusuke by scarletwilight

So never in my life had I ever considered watching Yowamushi Pedal because the character designs were rather unappealing at first glance and I am not always in the mood for sports manga/anime. And one character in particular I thought was just gross looking. But guess who I ended up drawing after marathoning two seasons? Makishima Yuusuke. Honestly I was even drawing a different fan art for him first and spent hours on the previous one. This one I just doodled super quickly and realized it was turning out quite nice for having no references. And the past few days I've been a lot more invested in it and experimenting with coloring styles again. I'm actually pretty proud of it haha. And makishima is a very likable character just as the whole team dynamic is lovable. I refuse to continue watching the third season right now because I think the second season ended so perfectly that I just am not willing to ruin the bubbly feelings and endearment I have toward the series. The only reason I watched was because my best friend recommended it and she's never recommended something I didn't enjoy. The premise and series is so funny, even if it has a generic underlying sports storyline (untraditional shy person turns out to be super awesome at X sport). Hime hime suki suki daisuki

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