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So this is a couple weeks late, but thanks for 3000 page views. This makes me pretty happy since that's like 1000 per year since I joined? And since my last post, it's been about 10 months so it actually took less than a year for an extra thousand yayy. I'm super busy with school so I only drop in every now and then. I'd love to celebrate by drawing something but I have finals coming up so that will have to wait for a bit haha ^_^;;;;
I'm planning on drawing for
-Chihayafuru (I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this anime <333. I read the manga years ago but only a few chapters were translated. I never would have imagined that it'd be adapted into an anime AND with breathtaking art as well bwahahha.)
-Bakuman? (lol so I skimmed through like 50 chapters of the manga today =X but it's not so bad from what I got. I dropped a while after it started because I found it a bit dry, but maybe it's not so bad after all)
-Seirei no Moribito (I had been leaving this on my to-watch list for ages and finally got around to watching it. It's really good and I think it's pretty underrated so I'm hoping I can draw a little something for it)
-Working!!? (not so sure if I'll do this one or not. I watched the first season, really really got sick of the Katanashi x Inami pairing, decided not to watch season 2, but ended up watching it anyways after its 4th week in. I like Sato lol)
-B1A4??? (possibly. I've been abusing Beautiful Target ever since it came out <3)
-[ ]??
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Feb 3, 2011.
Cho Kyuhyun's 23rd birthday (24 in korea) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Also happens to be the lunar new year
I wish him well and am sorry I cannot draw anything
for him as of this moment since I'm very busy.
BUT IOU! I shall do something for him once the quarter ends.
Absolutely. promise.

Other updates:
-went on twitter for the first time in AGES (like 4 months) to follow
these 2 people who are composing Gotcha Number (Super Junior's next single?!)
That guy from NY is seriously having too much fun teasing ELFs.
Also went to say happy birthday to this special boy on twitter too ^_^ <3
-unexpectedly heard Lucifer, Ready or Not, Kiss (DBSK), and other kpop songs
for 3 hours during lab today!
-has realized that every kpop fan she's met went to LA's SM Town concert 2010...
it's like rubbing salt in the wound of my heard every time I hear that.
keeps reminding me of the rarest opportunities in my life that I missed...

Uh..besides that...
I actually have been drawing....but nothing fun like kpop artists or anime/manga so I wont be putting those up here

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Not saying I've been particularly active with DA, but it's probably going to go down hill from here. A new chapter has opened in my life and I'm probably going to stop drawing soon because I'll be even more busy than before. Before that though, I have roughly 2 weeks before my summer vacation ends. This means (hopefully) that within those 2 weeks, I'll be uploading a few more drawings (lol I think I might have given up on all those 'unfinished' projects). I wonder how true to my word I'll be this time, but I'll do my best >_<.

On a side note,
Kyuhyun's been soooooo active with shows and performances.
His solo "Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps" for that baking/bread kdrama is sooo beautiful.
And earlier today (10 am-ish??) Super Junior (well, at least Kyuhyun and a few others) arrived at LAX. ;___; I'm going to be sobbing on Saturday (Sept 4) while they perform SMTOWN 2010 since I couldnt go. Sigh so close and yet so far...

Anyways, that's all from me :/
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

05.09.10 7:20 pm
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WOW I've submitted like 2 real drawings in a year? Something like that. Well I'm on spring break and I've needed this vacation very much after so much stress hahaha. I WILL SUBMIT MORE ART WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. GUARANTEED. (posting this means I have to do it hahaha).
Okay well happy easter/spring break (for whichever applies).
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I dont know if anyone even cares haha, but this is a note just in case.
If any of my watchers are wondering why I havent submitted anything in ages, then i want to say sorry. I'm struggling with my classes and I still have to worry about SATs, AP tests, applications (for a summer job since I got rejected for the internship I applied for), finals, and more SATs. Fun huh? This doesnt even include personal issues.
I'm on spring break for 2 more days, but I'll be busy still (hw).
The second I finish taking my SATs on June 6th, I will finish any projects I started (like that recent Yoite submission..) and submit more art :).
I will actually be submitting one thing tomorrow though (KHR related). It's actually going to be a watercolor picture, but that part is only partially finished, so I figured I'd just submit the outlining.
Well that's it..


Other side note: After finishing the KHR thing and the Yoite, I'm planning on drawing something for Kuroshitsuji (maybe something from the last 2 episodes) since I just finished the anime today.
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Mannn these days have been INSANE
Like 3 weeks straight of 3/4am-ers
Anyways I feel excited right now like I'm on drugs or something
WOOOOOOOOOO WE WON THE SPIRIT AWARD AT THE ROBOTICS COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~(!#*%@#(11111~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was a huge wtf moment there..all of us were so shocked out of our minds
The SAT and TERRIBLE progress report wasnt fun  (and the grounding because of my apush grade..) BUT
But yeah cuz of school lately, I havent been able to draw
So...once I get a week with less stress (might not happen for a while), I'll start drawing again

back to spazzing~~~~~~~~~~~~
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So it's semester break FINALLY. I think I failed that bio final even more than my other classes..which is pretty scary considering I think I got Bs and Cs on the other ones...My teacher sent an email saying the class average was like an 80 and I feel like I'm probably the one who brought that average way way down.
Yesterday, I accomplished quite a bit at robotics..but I guess for 4 hrs that only makes sense. We finished the electronics board and it was working so it's good. I got to test out our practice robot for driving! It was so much fun!
After robotics, there was a fun talk with some friends about Disney songs because Tila was like "A whole new world~~" while being pulled on a piece of cardboard lol.
When I got home, I slept. like i was dead. no joke. I was quite shocked by how much I slept. I got home at like 5:30 or so and just went to sleep and woke up to see my cellphone say "6:30 am". Me: O__________________________________O dang.. Even when I did my allnighter, I never slept THAT was like 10 hrs though haha.
I technically shouldve been at robotics at 9 (1.5 hrs ago) but I dont have a ride, so I cant go :(. For now, I'm just trying to catch up on anime and then I have to clean up. Sometime tonight, I'll get back to drawing.
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So much for those lovely goals of mine...English SUCKED today. Like everything our teacher told us to study WASNT on the test and my brain went dead at the end and I couldnt write the second essay well (not finished or well thought through considering i ran out of time and had only 15 min.
Tuesday's finals..were ok...APUSH wasnt TOO bad but I probably left out a lot of things on my essays and my multiple choice didnt go that great..(but as long as i get above a D+ my grade's good lol)
Spanish is the only final I think went well and I studied the least for it too..(like 2 hrs?). The MC was EASY LIKE HELL (i probably guessed on like 4/120 lol) but i probably screwed up the conjugations..well I know i did for some haha.
K so since i was so freaking depressed about english today..i took a 3 hr nap (i was only planning on 1 hr) and wanted to forget about it but instead had a dream about taking the final and not even finishing 3 pages of multiple choice or the essays x_x. So i was supposed to be studying bio but uhhh that isnt going so well. Seeing as it's like 12:15 already and i still havent studied half of it...I'll be up late :D >_>; X_X
This week seriously sucks. Stupid junior year. Ruining my freaking life.
Tomorrow I'm sleeping like the second I get home and if I wake up before Friday, I might either reread Skip Beat for the 3rd time or draw or catch up on missed episodes for [insert random anime here].

X_X FAIL expectations FAIL finals FAIL grades FAIL life

i sound like the biggest emo nerd in existence..x_x
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;___; im so scared for finalsss

good things: i dont have a C in apush and i can get an F on the final and still keep my B- (grade wont get higher unless I were to get like a solid A on the final which is impossible)!! i dont have to take a math final. my spanish grade is an A- and I can get like a C on the final and still have an A in the class :D. my english grade is an A- which has NEVER happened since freshman year. im FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY done with that hard religion class :D. i have a pretty solid B in bio (i was expecting to have a B-) and after my lab report is put in and extra credit, if i do well on the final i MIGHT be able to pull of an A- (probably not gonna happen lol)

bad thing: SINCE my english grade is so borderline, i have to get an 88% on my final to keep an A- ;___; im so scareddd

Well..other than that, today I got my PSAT scores and I didnt do too bad..but I wished I couldve done better :/

Anyways, I'm praying to any god in existence that I can get an A- in english and do well on my bio final too and my spanish/history finals (im not as worried with those last too now that i know my grade wont really change haha)

Notes for after finals are done: I've got lots of robotics, but I'll probably be drawing everyday <3

Projects (Drawings) I want to finish/start (in order...sort of):
1. Belphegor -KHR- (finish)
4. Hikari -SA- (finish)
6. Akari -ARIA- (finish)
3. Yoite (on request) -NnO- (start)
2. Tsuna -KHR- (finish)
5. Chrome -KHR- (finish)

Shounen Onmyouji????? (start)
Toshokan Sensou?? (start)
Hana Kimi?? (start)
Code Geass R2??? (start)
Ghost Hunt?? (start)
Lovely Complex????? (start)
Honey and Clover??? (start)
Natsume Yuujinchou?? (start)
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today's a wonderful, wonderful day :']
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Such a pain..junior year is hell :(

At least drawing relieves stress haha
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